Scion’s Destiny Pre-School

Aim. Believe. Create.

A new Preschool established with your ward as our priority and knowledge as their foundation. Here we let your ward express and intuit their imagination whilst creating a strong base for their upcoming educational tackles.

The best of curriculum designed with every individual in consideration, curated by highly experienced Preschool Faculties. Designed to help your kid through imaginative and Theme based learning and Skill based worksheets with interactive sessions implementing modern digital technology with tried and proven teaching techniques.

Play Group

Indulging Imaginations, Discovery, Recognition, Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Socialization and Communication skills.


Creative Learning, Phonics, Alphabets & Numbers Recognition and Counting, Shapes & Colours, Creativity through Art & Music and General Awareness


Honing Creative skills, Articulatory Development, Attention & Following Instructions, Reading Readiness, Language Development and Basic Computer Skills.


Personal Social & Emotional Development, Cognitive Development, Math Readiness, Inculcation Life-long Skills, Development of Aesthetic Skills, Coding & Option of French language Basics

Day Care

A Caring, Stimulating Environment. Qualified Caregivers, Low Child-to-Caregivers Ratio, Established Policies for Utmost Safety of Kids and a Happy Environment Inclusive of Nutritious & Healthy food curated to help your Child’s Growth.

Extra Curriculars

Education alone isn’t enough for a child’s development. Hence, we use physical activities like Yoga & Sports along with Art, Music and Dance to enhance your kids’ Overall Development and keep them Healthy and Creative.

Evening Classes

We also offer post school classes for specific development of your kid through various activities.

Activities Include

Music, Dance, Self Defence, Art, Tuition, Abacus and more.

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